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There are some plants that prefer soil that is more acidic, meaning they are used to growing in an environment where the soil has a pH of less than 6.5. These plants are camellias, gardenias, hydrangeas, maple trees and berries to name a few. This package set has exactly what they need to grow to their greatest potential.


Since our compost is farm made the correct way, it is teaming with active microbes that give your plant roots the nutrients they need. This is how real organic is performed under our feet. Bu's Blend Biodynamic Compost is also in our Compost Tea for Acid Loving Plants.


Use this package set by sprinkling Bu's Blend Biodynamic Compost at the drip line of all your acid loving plants, trees and berries, and you will see a noticeable difference soon after.  It is a light package that has been double sifted and is easy to carry around. The package seals after every application.  We recommend dusting your plants with this as mentioned, every 6 weeks, using 1/16" sprinkling. 


Use the Compost Tea for Acid Loving Plants once a month in the months between composting, excluding the winter months, to drench the dripline of these plants with a watering can. 


Remember to water the surface of these plants first before applying compost tea, and after composting. 


You will notice that they need less and less water over time once the biology is inoculated. Your leaves will be greener and stronger and you will get more blooms and fruit as they grow naturally and organically in nature. 

Organic Acid Loving Plants Package

  • Compost (organic dairy cow manure, wood chips, and concentrations of yarrow, chamomile, valerian, stinging nettle, dandelion and oak bark), Pine Needles, Sphagnum Peat Moss, Earthworm Castings, Kelp, Equisetum.