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People want a replacement for chemical and synthetic fertilizers. We created a line of farm-made, true organic, biodynamic  and non-gmo soil products, so you can grow a beautiful, safe and healthy garden.

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Malibu Compost Products

malibu compost makes premium,

farm-made, organic, biodynamic and non-gmo

soil products for your healthy garden.

Compost Tea is used to feed the life in the soil and to add additional life to the soil. It is the greatest tip in organic gardening because of how beautifully plants respond to the nutrients that your plants receive at root level.


It is used as a refresher in between composting and top-dressing when you need to give your plants and your soil that extra boost.


Our lawn care products were created to offer an option to the three million tons of inorganic fertilizer applied to american lawns each year. Many of those fertilizers come from mining and the oil industry. These lawn fertilizers kill the life in the soil.

Top-dressing and amending with our lawn products will help grow your soil and grow healthy and vital roots that create lush green organic lawns. Detox your Lawn!


Compost is used to bring forth life to the soil so that your plants will receive the nutrients that they need to grow. It breaks up clay soil, adds organic matter to sandy soil, and creates soil tilth when used as a top-dress and soil amendment.


Composting mimics nature and good finished compost is the key to true organic gardening. 


These package sets were put together with many unique gardeners preferences in mind. Whether your gardening takes place inside, outside, in the rose garden or vegetable garden, we're sure that you will find the best package for you. 

Remember, these package sets also make a great gift for the organic gardeners in your life. Browse through these individually tailored sets and save 10% while you're at it! 


Potting soil is used as a soil medium for any plant that grows in containers, raised beds and hanging baskets. Our potting soil is a stand-alone, organic soil medium that has everything you need in it to start your plants off in the right direction. 

It can also be used as your in-ground planting mix when combined with BU's Blend Biodynamic compost and your native soil. 


Malibu Compost started when Randy Ritchie couldn't find any good organic compost to use on a landscape project in Malibu.  His client wanted to grow clean, healthy, organic food for her business. Her intensive organic food grow was going to be the centerpiece of this project. The truth was, Randy didn't even want to do the food-growing part of the job. He was a landscape designer and builder. He liked to draw pretty pictures and plant beautiful landscapes. That was his job, not growing an acre of food for his client's upcoming recipe book. His client didn't care whether Randy wanted to grow food or not, he was hired...