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Our flagship product, Bu's Blend Compost, is included in all of our soil products.

Do you have clay, sandy or compact soil that you need to fix? This is what you need. 

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Our five types of Compost Tea provide an organic boost in between composting that is an alternative to synthetics and GMO by-products. 

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Are you concerned about growing healthy food?


Baby Bu's Potting Soil is an Organic and Non-GMO all-in-one soil for all of your pots, containers and raised beds. 

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This is our newest product in the Malibu Compost Line, and it includes 25% of Bu's Blend Compost in it.


Grow all your organic and non-GMO seeds and microgreens in this light, fluffy and moist mix! 

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Receive 10% off Package Sets and try a variety of our soil products. 

NO GMO's, green waste, conventional Ag by-products, pesticides, herbicides, growth hormones or sewage sludge.

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Go Beyond Organic


When rain waters a forest, the compost created below the mulch gets watered into the soil and feeds the plants naturally. Malibu Compost's Compost Teas mimic nature and are used instead of synthetic fertilizers to grow a healthy, beautiful, true organic garden. 

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Karl Growing In-Ground with Malibu Compo

Growing In Ground?

Learn the Organic Protocol steps to take to start growing your soil and healthy food in ground.

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Growing In Raised Beds or Pots?

Grow your healthy food in containers, pots or raised beds with these year-round Organic Protocol steps.

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