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All Malibu Compost soil products are

farm-made, organic, biodynamic and Non-GMO

for you to grow a safe and healthy garden.

NO green waste, conventional Ag by-products, pesticides, herbicides, growth hormones or sewage sludge.


Are you looking for a farm-made, organic compost to amend your soil, grow healthy food and that is safe for your family and the environment?

Do you have clay, sandy or compact soil that you need to fix?


Do you want to improve your plant's growth and create stronger, healthier plants organically?​

Does your garden need an organic boost in between composting that

is an alternative to synthetics and GMO by-products? 


Are you looking for an all-in-one organic and Non-GMO potting soil that has farm-made compost and natural and organic ingredients?


Are you concerned about growing safe and healthy food?


Do you need to detox your lawn or any lawn areas that were originally fertilized?


Are you tired of smelling those lawn products that get set out every Spring and Fall on lawns all across America? 


Do you want to get the best deals possible on our soil products?


Do you have specific plants that need some help?


Do you want to try a variety of our soil products mailed to your doorstep? 

Home gardeners, farmers and growers,

use the resources below to grow your safe, healthy, organic and Non-GMO farm and garden: 


When rain waters a forest, the compost created below the mulch gets watered into the soil and feeds the plants naturally. Malibu Compost's Compost Teas mimic nature and are used instead of synthetic fertilizers for your safe, healthy, beautiful organic garden.