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Farm Made, Biodynamic, Non-GMO and Organic 
Compost, Compost Teas, Potting Soil and Seed Starter

NO GMO's, green waste, conventional Ag by-products, pesticides, herbicides, growth hormones or sewage sludge.

Our best organic compost, Bu's Blend Biodynamic Compost, is a large ingredient in our potting soil, seed starter and compost tea collection. Fix your soil organically with our unique and simple Malibu Compost product line that resembles how soil was made in the past.

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Seed Starter

Bu's Beginnings

Organic and Non-GMO


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Real organic compost is essential to everyone's garden to grow the soil and your plants organically, the way nature intended. Malibu Compost's farm made, Non-GMO, organic compost takes 6 months to make for it to completely finish its bacterial and fungal phase of breaking down into living soil. If you have clay, sandy or compact soil that you need to fix, Bu's Blend  Compost is what you need to help you change the soil structure. You would be surprised at how quickly it changes.

Use Malibu Compost Bu's Blend Biodynamic Compost in the spring and fall throughout your garden. All you need is to add 1/4" to 1", depending on your soil condition, or sprinkle throughout your garden at 1/16" every 6 weeks, excluding the winter months.



Compost Tea goes hand in hand with compost throughout the year to feed the soil and your plants naturally and organically. Our Compost Tea collection provides an organic boost between composting that is an alternative to synthetics and GMO by-products. It is the biggest secret in real organic gardening. 

Compost Tea is easy to prepare as you only need a bucket, a watering can (optional), a spray bottle (optional) and something to stir it with.

We have five types of compost tea. Choose the compost tea you need for the particular plants you are growing, and compost tea your plants every month between composting for best results, excluding the winter months. 


potting soil

Are you concerned about growing healthy food? Are you looking for an organic and Non-GMO soil to grow in? Have you been searching for a peat moss alternative? Are you tired of those large bags of wood as your potting soil option?

Baby Bu's Biodynamic Blend Potting Soil is an all-in-one organic and Non-GMO potting soil with 25% of our best organic compost, Bu's Blend Biodynamic Compost, in it. It also uses fir fines and coir rather than peat moss.

Use it for all of your containers, including houseplants. For your organic vegetable garden, fill your beds with Baby Bu's Potting Soil and after 4 weeks, follow Steps 1 and 2 throughout the year!

How Compost Tea Works

When rain waters a forest, the compost created below the mulch gets watered into the soil and feeds the plants naturally. Malibu Compost's Compost Tea collection mimics nature and is used instead of synthetic fertilizers to grow a healthy, beautiful, real organic garden. You can use them as soil drenches, or as foliar sprays to feed the current microbial population and to add more good soil diversity to the population as a compost tea extract. 

Scoop of 6 qt organic compost with orange tree in background.

"This is some amazing compost. Love how it looks and feels, and my plants absolutely love it. I will absolutely be purchasing more in the future!"

— Doug

large tomato harvest

"Loving my garden this year! I went with all Malibu Compost soil products (Potting soil, compost and compost teas!) We had more tomatoes than we had the entire previous season, and the peppers, romaine lettuce and spinach are glorious! So glad we found you!"

— Linda L.

Organic biodynamic farm-made Non-GMO 12 quarts - a little goes a long way!
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