Growing In-ground


malibu compost

Take the steps below to start growing your true organic, healthy food garden directly in your own soil

In Ground Beds.JPG


Till the soil throughout the area you will be growing in. We recommend tilling ONLY ONCE (first time only) and NEVER again.


Add 2" of Bu's Blend Biodynamic Compost throughout the growing area directly above your newly tilled area.


Hand water in the compost throughout as needed for a week.


After 1 week of watering in Bu's Blend Compost, use our Compost Tea for Fruits, Vegetables and Tomatoes to drench the entire soil surface of your soil that you will be growing in.


NOTE: Each sleeve of Compost Tea has 4 tea bags in it, and each tea bag will produce up to 5 gallons of compost tea.


Plant your seedlings or sow your seeds directly into your soil within a week following your tea drench.


Once a month thereafter, compost tea drench the entire soil surface with Compost Tea for Fruits, Vegetables and Tomatoes.


At the beginning of every season, compost the entire surface again with Bu's Blend Biodynamic Compost at 2" throughout for the first year, then 1" throughout every year after. 


Continue these organic protocols and you will have thriving crops each season and your soil will grow healthier every year.